This is my approach


I use an integrated, client-centered psychotherapeutic approach to work with my clients which is based on 'Petzolds' integrative therapy concepts that I have extensive education in. The integrated approach may include aspects of Gestalt Work, Group Dynamics, Systemic Therapy & Counselling, Psychodrama, Cognitive Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy and Depth Psychology.


Artistic and creative media such as painting, sculpting and play are other important means of helping clients.


Before entering the field of psychotherapy, I garnered many years of teaching experience working with children, adolescents and adults. Furthermore, I have gained rich and rewarding therapeutic experience working with individuals and groups in non-profit institutions (e.g. Women Counselling for Eating Disorders), schools, social institutions and corporations.


Marginalized segments of society are also of particular interest to me; therefore, I provide psychotherapy for the handicapped (mental & physical), gender related issues (female, sexual orientation, same-sex relationships, etc.) and intercultural diversity issues (migration, binational couples, asylum seekers, intercultural workplace etc.).