Initial Consultation & Fees

From 2019 on  I'll be going to reduce my workload. Therefore, only in few cases I'll accept new clients. English Speakers, intercultural couples and people with eating disorders should feel free to contact me.



After your first telephone call or email, we can set-up our initial consultation. During this consultation, we can discuss the specific issues or concerns affecting your life. Thereafter we can agree on an action plan that addresses exactly your concerns whether it is within the context of psychotherapy, couples therapy, or coaching to name a few areas of expertise I work in. What is of paramount importance is to clarify your concerns and agree upon what to do to reach your goal of resolving those issues and concerns.


The initial consultation is also very important because it should clarify that the atmosphere of the counseling session gives you the feeling of being in good hands. Also to be discussed is the frequency of our sessions and what sort of time parameters should be put in place to reach your goals.

I primarily use Integrative Therapy to work with my clients. Although this type of therapy is officially recognized by health insurance establishment in Austria, it has not been officially recognized by the German health establishment (Krankenkasse); therefore, health insurance companies in Germany will usually not pay for the cost of this therapy. Clients are private and pay for their therapy. My fees are very competitive. Furthermore, couple therapy generally is not paid by the Krankenkasse, so clients must pay for this type of therapy regardless of the therapy method. The couple therapy rate depends on the length of the session (60 or 90 minutes). Please feel free to contact me concerning my fees.

There is an ongoing eating disorders group I lead in conjunction with a Women`s Counseling Center (Frauenberatungsstelle) in Essen, a non-profit organization. Please contact the Frauenberatungsstelle for their fees. Naturally, I also privately offer therapy to clients with eating disorders. Fees are contingent upon the size and time span of the group.

Lastly, Supervision, Coaching and Intercultural Counseling & Training rates are subject to client formats (individual, group, team, workshop or conference). I will gladly negotiate a rate that fits your financial situation. Again, please feel free to contact me concerning my fees.